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Re-live Fleetwood Voice on Inside Out North West

Published: Friday, 15 February 2019


The BBC's Inside Out programme last night featured a fascinating look at the Fleetwood Voice event which took place at Marine Hall last week.

On Friday 22 February, Music In Mind and the musicians from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra presented the world premiere of Fleetwood Voice, a specially commissioned composition and multimedia performance as part of Regenda Homes’ 10 Year Vision to celebrate the unique voice and spirit of Fleetwood.

Based on the melodies and rhythms from the speech of the Fleetwood people, performance celebrated the unique identity of Fleetwood from its elegant beginnings as the Brighton of the North through its rich heritage as a fishing port to the aspirations of the future as the town embarks on a new chapter in its history. The evening also featured a range of local artists including Phantom Voices, Scolds Bridal, Cartoon Food, Dave Pearce and Dick Gillingham plus exhibitions from local schools and photographers. 

Click here and watch from around 19 minutes onwards to see how Music in Mind composer John McHugh used the speech, accents and stories of the people of Fleetwood to put the performance together.